Starting From Scratch With Building Your Kitchenware? Read Here to Find Out What You’ll Need to Have a Fully-Functional Kitchen

In order to be able to function in a kitchen, there are some basic things that you’ll need. Shopping for the kitchen can be surprisingly fun, but its important to have a list so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the stores by all of the options. Read on to find out what you’ll need for your kitchen!

Salad Bowl
These bowls are perfect for serving salads loaded with lots of veggies and other add-ins. Simply throw ingredients into the bowl, give them a good toss, grab some tongs, and voila.

Serving Bowls
Serving bowls are must-haves for big dinners, barbecues, or any occasion where food is being served family-style. Set out everything needed for a delicious meal, and let guests serve themselves. Easy as can be.

Serving Plates
Use serving plates to showcase food and make it easy to dig in. A large oval serving plate is essential for large meats and heaps of roasted vegetables, while specialized ones like cake serving platters are more specific. Tip: Stick to a lower price point if you don’t host large-scale gatherings often.

Serving Spoons
Use a slotted spoon for lifting big pieces out of liquid (like potatoes from a stew), a non-slotted one for spooning sauce over food, and a ladle to serve soups.

Food Storage Containers
Storage containers are great for saving leftovers and keeping ingredients like chopped veggies fresh and ready to toss into a dish at a moment’s notice. Sets with different sizes are useful for storing foods of all sorts, while containers with un-detachable lids means tops won’t magically disappear.

Food Processor
Often thought of as the lazy man’s way of chopping vegetables, food processors do a whole lot more. Use one to purée soups, make fresh pesto or salsas, grind nuts, or make homemade breadcrumbs.

Nothing says homey quite like a big pitcher of a refreshing drink. It also eliminates the need to constantly refill guests’ glasses.

Potato Masher
Though it may not see as much action as other kitchen tools, potato mashers are vital for making lump-free smashed potatoes. Anyone who’s attempted to make mashed taters with a fork will agree.

Grill Pan
If you don’t have outdoor space or it’s too cold to fire up the grill, a pan can create similar results. While it doesn’t impart the same smoky flavor, it does leave those eye-catching grill marks on meats and veggies. It’s also an easy alternative for grilling foods that are often lost between traditional grates like shrimp, fish, or asparagus.

Immersion Blender
Immersion blenders are sneakily useful tools. Simply stick one into a pot of soup ingredients, purée away, and viola. They’re also great for getting lumps out of mashed potatoes and making creamy hummus.

Get your stir-fry on with a good wok. The high sides mean you can stir and flip food without fear of anything escaping onto the stovetop. Tip: Don’t forget to preheat a wok before adding oil for best results.

Meat Thermometer
Never eat underdone or overcooked meat again! A meat thermometer ensures meat remains moist and safe to eat. For the most accurate reading, stick the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, away from fat and bone. A digital instant-read thermometer gives a temperature in just seconds.

Food Scale
Whether measuring meal portions or baking your next masterpiece, food scales provide a more precise measurement than cups and spoons alone. Though not an absolute necessity, they certainly come in handy!

Paring Knife
When going for a delicate cut, skip the chef’s knife and turn to the paring knife instead. It’s perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables, slicing small items like garlic cloves, and deveining shrimp. You can also hold it in the air and peel an apple, eliminating the need to use a cutting board.

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  1. I remember when I moved into my first apartment after college and had nothing! My mom was horrified when she came over for dinner and brought over all of her extra stuff, and took me shopping to get the other basics. I imagine one day I’ll have to do the same for my kids 🙂

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